The Many Things That Silver Spring Maryland Has to Offer

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The Many Things That Silver Spring Maryland Has to Offer


Even though Silver Spring Maryland is a quite large town, boasting over 76 thousand residents, it is officially an unincorporated town. It is actually listed as the 4th most populated area in the whole state. It is urban, yet it also have a hometown feel that leaves visitors feeling as though they have been there before. Read on to learn why so many enjoy both living there and just coming for a visit.

Located just north of Washington D.C., you would think that this town would be extremely heavily populated, but that is one of the many things that makes Silver Spring great. The community is lively, yet it doesn’t have the traffic or crime that its neighboring city does. You can easily get around town to enjoy the many activities that it has to offer while still being close to all of the attractions that the capitol has to offer.

The town actually got its name from the beauty that surrounds it. Just outside of the downtown area and somewhat even tucked away, is the spring that gave it its name. The beautiful spring was discovered by Francis Preston Blair who gave it its name and also decided to purchase a great deal of the land that surrounded it. The area is now known as Acorn Park and is located in the southern part of the town.

Another area that is known for its beauty is Rock Creek Park. It is located on the west side and has trails for hiking, landscapes for quiet picnics and on the weekends that main street in the area is closed to allow for bicyclists to enjoy the area without the dangers of sharing the road with motor vehicles. Sligo Creek Park is also a popular destination that offers hiking, tennis courts, bicycling and even playgrounds for children to enjoy. Like Rock Creek Park, the main road is closed off on the weekends to accommodate bicyclists.

Even though this area has been populated for well over a hundred years it has retained a great deal of the beauty it had before it became popular. The residents take great pride in what this area has to offer. Silver Spring Maryland is known to some as a diamond in the rough. With metropolitan areas so close it is amazing just how untouched it can seem when you step into the many parks.